Thursday, December 22, 2011

Santa Land and Pumpkin Pie

Last night we headed out to Santa Land for Brynn to finally meet Santa. She absolutely loves Santa this year. She has 3 Santa stuffed toys she constantly carries around and anytime she sees one around the house she immediately says, "ho ho ho!" We weren't quite sure how she would react to the real deal!
We got there around 5:45, to get in line. Santa started seeing people at 6:00. An hour and a half later......we met Mr. and Mrs. Claus. Thank goodness for iphones, Brynn was perfectly content snuggled in her stroller watching the Mickey Mouse Club House.
Not sure what to think about these two...... 
 "Dad, how about you pick me up again?!!"
 "Oh ya, I'll take a candy cane!"
 It was really a fun atmosphere. Even with the long wait, we enjoyed it. The weather was perfect. All the kids and families were so excited to be out there. They had all sorts of neat character displays, Christmas lights, Bonn fires and entertainment. The best part about it all was it was free! We will definitely be back next year!

 Daddy's favorite holiday treat is pumpkin pie. This year he decided he would make learn how to make one himself......but not without a little help from Brynn!